Computational Solution of Hyperbolic PDEs for Scientists, Engineers, and Mathematicians


Final List of Non-IIT Delhi Candidates

Please contact me as soon as possible if you have made the payment and your name is not on the above list.

Schedule of the Lectures

Dates: 4th December – 16th December 2017

Location: Dept. of Mathematics, IIT Delhi, New Delhi.

Last Date of Registration: 15th October 2017.

To register for the course please register yourself at GIAN website: .  You can then register for the course.

Guest Faculty:

  • Prof. Dinshaw Balsara, Dept. of Astrophysics and Dept. of Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics, University of Notre Dame, USA.

Indian Faculty:

  • Prof. Praveen Chandrashekar, TIFR-CAM, Bangalore.

  • Prof. Harish Kumar (Course Coordinator), Dept. of Mathematics, IIT Delhi.


Overview of the Course:

Partial differential equations (PDEs) govern a large body of physical phenomena that are of interest to scientists, engineers, and mathematicians. They arise in fields of study that are as diverse as astrophysics, aerospace engineering, mechanical and chemical engineering, space physics and applied mathematics. Unfortunately, the number of problems for which we can find analytical solutions to these highly important PDE systems is limited. Therefore, an ability to find computational solutions to these important classes of PDEs is crucially important for modern day science and technology. Hyperbolic PDEs are, in some sense, the most useful class of PDEs and they are also the PDE systems for which cutting-edge, high-accuracy, time- dependent numerical algorithms have been most recently developed. Fortunately, a significant majority of Indian research institutions have installed powerful highly parallel computer systems for the numerical solution of these PDE systems. Consequently, this course aims to teach cutting- edge computational algorithms for the numerical solution of hyperbolic PDE systems to a wide audience of Indian mathematicians, engineers, and scientists, which can be used on massive computers.


The focus of this course would be the numerical solution of hyperbolic PDEs using higher order Godunov-type schemes. The two-week course will cover both basic and advance topics. The contents of the course are: Finite Difference methods for Linear Hyperbolic problems, Nonlinear scalar, and system of conservation laws: Riemann Problems, Riemann Solvers, Stability, Higher order WENO schemes. ADER-WENO schemes, Multidimensional Riemann Solvers, Discontinuous Galerkin schemes, Constraint Preservation, Entropy Stable Schemes, Application to Compressible flows, Relativistic MHD, Extended MHD and Rarefied Gases.

Target Audience:

  • You are a student at level B.Tech./M.Sc./M.Tech./PhD level with interest in numerical methods and its applications.
  • You are a researcher, scientist, engineer or applied mathematician from reputed technical institutes, research institutes, R&D labs or industries, with interest in hyperbolic PDEs and related application.
  • You are a student or faculty from IIT Delhi interested in hyperbolic PDEs and related applications. The course will be of 1 credit in IIT Delhi Curriculum and can be credited by the students and research scholars.


The participation fees for taking the course is as follows:

  • Research Scholars/Students (Non-IIT Delhi): Rs. 7500
  • Faculty (Non-IIT Delhi): Rs. 15000
  • Working Professional (Non-IIT Delhi): Rs. 20000
  • The course is free of cost for IIT Delhi participants.

The above fee includes all instructional materials, computer use for tutorials and assignments, laboratory equipment usage charges, 24-hour free internet facility. The participants will be provided with accommodation on payment basis.


Procedure for IIT Delhi Members:

  1. Register for the course on GIAN website:
  2. You have to pay a one-time fee of Rs. 500.
  3. Maximum seats available are 30.
  4. Depending on the number of registrations, we will notify the shortlisted candidates for the course. The last date of registration is 15th October.

Procedure for Non-IIT Delhi Participants:

  1. Register for the course on GIAN website:
  2. You have to pay a one-time fee of 500 Rs.
  3. The maximum number of the seats available are 20. Depending on the number of registrations, we will notify the shortlisted candidates for the course. The last date of registration is 15th October. There will also be a waiting list of candidates.
  4. One notifies as a shortlisted candidate, please pay the fees of the course and hostel (if you need one). The hostel fee is around Rs. 400 per day in addition to the course fee above. The details of the payment will be shared in due course.
  5. You will be given one week for the payment, after that we will ask people in waiting list if there are some more seat available,
  6. After receiving the fees we notify the final list of participants.